Yee haw

Had a grat St Pattys day, got tore up form the floor up. It was good, I did the Baxter Black poem at the end of the night well the end of the Poem, I stood on my bar stool and asked who is the toughest SOB in here, some dude actually raised his hand and said that me fucker, I said good you take over were leaving… Everyone let out a laugh it was all good til I decided I was going to take his green hat and and gril LOL.. Ya got interesting from there.. Love it… If you do to send us a message at the bottom of our site… It was all good had fun and did my job the next day and working on getting ready for rodeos… Colby is up in Buckeye this weeknd, has a good horse drawn up.. So if you got give a little extra cheer for him… he will need it… Live, love and Ride thats us…

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3X Senior Pro Rodeo Bareback Riding World Champion Professional Rodeo Cowboy
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