Here we go again….

I apologize for not keeping up on the blog. But things are starting to turn for the better for us. I have just finished a very nasty divorce and got what I wanted. JT has been working hard and getting money saved up to go. Colby has been going and doing good, but has been alone. Brian we need to visit with and see what his plans are going into this year. But we all plan to be togher on April 1, 2, 3 that is needles, Laton and Lagrange California. After that its we are going hard as our money will take us the rest of the year. Very excited, for me its the first time that I can remember I can go rodeo and not have anyone to answer to when I’m on the road but myself… Excited about that very excited. If you have ever read the book Hey Cowboy Wanna get Lucky by Baxter Black I want to be Lick in that book this year. Right now I have found new appreciation in good friends and family and faith. I think those things will get anyone by in hard times. With all that being said, yes we plan to tear it up and have some fun this year.. So if you see us down the road come say hello – we will say hello back… Until next time enjoy the journey they call life dont get off when its gets tuff hold on tight and see were it takes you… I have a funny feeling its worth the fight to hang on.

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