Rodeo Poem

I wrote this Poem back in college when I wanted to be the next Baxter Black… Anyways I found this old book from college and it had some good poems I wrote in it, thought I would share with everyone…

They say its a foolish game only fools would follow
It leads to pain, suffering,and broken bones with a broken home
Chasing a rainbow where a only a gold buckle lies at the end
like hobos we chase and follow it around
And when the snow falls in December and the good lord willing we pray the will be ridin in the big show
When the curtain is lifted we see are dreams unfold, we push each other on knowing only one will walk away with that gold
With our rigin bags in hand we will walk down that tunnel that leads to the lights knowing each ride counts pushing our limits past the point of no return
When the dust settles and the light go out and standing alone looking down the same road we just traveled down
We’ll pack our bags and meet in Denver in the snow hoping to make the dream come true leaving our mark hopeing that others will follow down the same road.
Its lonely and the lessons you learn are what makes you make that winning ride tonight.

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3X Senior Pro Rodeo Bareback Riding World Champion Professional Rodeo Cowboy
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