I had a lot of people ask us if we were entering the Gilbert Days Rodeo, I told them no due to that it was a IPRA rodeo and it counted for nothing for us here. Its to bad since over half the contestants they will draw will be from Arizona. I would most likely enter if the IPRA had more than just a couple of rodeos in the west, I think we would even get our cards for it. But right now it seems like a waste of entry fee money to be given to there people who they make sure place in the money. So in short were not going. Like I said its to bad its a great rodeo with a good community following it and they draw great crowds, they need to make it PRCA or something else to make a guy want to enter, especially since over half the contestants will be from Arizona like I said earlier. We couldn’t tell you why they support the IPRA out here, other than the perks of getting to there finals in Jan in Oklahoma. Its not real fair to the rodeo cowboys in Arizona, we struggle hard enough to find local rodeos with out traveling out state and to have one that is centrally located be a IPRA rodeo doesn’t make sense to us. But thats rodeo, part of the game and part of being a cowboy.

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