2010 GCPRA Finals

Well a long year has come to an end. I think were all looking forward to starting out 2011 very soon. Just a quick re-cap on the year, JT, Brian and myself spent most of the year injured. Colby kept it going strong for us by heading into the finals sitting in first place in the saddle bronc riding. I went in setting 7th I think not for sure what position I came in at but all I knew is that I qualified. Had a good saturday ended up on a good horse and scored a 75 put me into 2nd place. Nice little check to get the weekend started off on the right foot. Colby had a good draw in the bronc riding made a take care of business spur ride. He finished in 3rd place and was still right there knocking on the door for the year championship. It was close coming into the finals 4 guys had a shoot at passing him. With the ride on Saturday night he was able to keep pace just ahead of them. Sunday rolled around and things just didn’t go the way we both had hoped. First I had a outstanding horse of Milo’s that just bucked, I really wasted him and bucked off. I was not to proud of my effort. Colby had a shoot to win it all, a good horse and all he need to do was make a qualified ride and let the chips fall were they may. He started a great ride, got a little behind then sat on his foot and thats all it took. On a those type of horses they are just waiting for you to make one small bobble and when you do its fist a fight to get back in the middle. I believe he finished the year as reserve year end champion in the bronc riding. I really look forward to seeing him having a great 2011 year. Colby has all the cylinders clicking and I think he will have a big year in 2011 and finals just added a little more fuel to the fire for him. Well until next time keep your toes out and chin tucked.

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