Finals on the way

Well we are few days away from the GCPRA Finals and were all pretty excited about. Scott is bringing all his good horses and everyone is pretty excited about getting up there for the Finals. The weather ought to be awesome nice and cool, which means that will bring the best out of the horses. Colby is leading the Saddle Bronc riding going in by $60 so I told him everyone that has a shot to pass I would stand outside the arena and throw dirt clods at them. Or he just needs to bare down ride. Were all heading up together, so it always makes it fun being with your good buddies before a good rodeo. Cottonwood usually draws a big crowd and they have a big dinner and dance saturday night after the rodeo. We are looking forward to just enjoying it wrapping this year up and getting ready for 2011. We will go to Wickenberg in Dec as well and hopefully we will be able to hit all the big winter rodeos this year. Now that would be outstanding, especially since we talk about all day everyday. Also make sure you check us on Facebook at well, Arizona Wildbunch. We just started it about week ago and its a little addictive I have to confuse. Its always good to talk to your friends you don’t get to see everyday. I will give a quick update before we head up that way and of course one after we ride.

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