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Well were all home from Wickenberg, it was a good weekend for the WildBunch against the Arizona Trailblazers (our rival group, we are all good friends but its fun to have a little rival) We rolled out of here around 9 am picked up Colby and Trevor (who is now back with the Wildbunch) and started rolling North. On the way up we seen Cooper and Chauncey in front of us driving (Arizona Trailblazers) As we pulled up Trevor was setting in the passenger seat, he rolled down the window and Cooper and him started talking at about 60 mph heading down the interstate. About 5 mins into Cooper tried to through out a bottle of Mountain Dew, so he just chucked it at our car, it exploded and cought us all off guard it was funny, we could not stop laughing. Well ya we had to retaliate against them so we took a cup from Mcdonalds and french fry’s made a throw back at them. It almost made it into his window while he was driving, but it was not as good as the Mountain Dew bottle. Well they got the best of us there, but we still had the rodeo to compete, You tell me if you think we won, JT won the Bareback riding, Colby split 2nd and 3rd in the bronc riding and Trevor won 3rd in the Bareback riding for us. Arizona Trailblazers split 2nd and 3rd and won the bronc riding. I think for this one we came out ahead. They won the driving and throwing trash but we won the rodeo. Next week is the finals up in Cottonwood, AZ, if your are around you need to come by and check it out. It should be a good rodeo to watch.
After our GCPRA Finals we have another rough stock rodeo in Wickenberg put on by Scott Mcdaniels /M, man he brought some buckers last weekend so I can’t wait to see what he brings for us in December. Our only fault was we did not make it to the fireside bar and grill, we ended up heading to a buddies house for BBQ. But next time we will be there. I heard it was a good time Saturday night. Sorry guys we didn’t make there, but we will next time. After Wickenberg in December we get a to enjoy the holiday’s and start working on the 2011 season, we are hoping to start off the 2011 season by going to all the big winter rodeos. Were getting pretty excited about it already.. Keep your chin tucked until next time we talk ride up and spur up

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