2010 Recap

We are just getting ready for the finals, a quick year recap on how things have gone for us. Started the year off big for myself going fairly hard, then messed up my riding wrist and then started having kneed problems come to find out I have tore acl. It really has sidelined me. JT started out strong as well hitting all the local rodeo and then going to the toughest cowboy rodeos were he busted his tail bone and then before the July rodeo run he split his riding hand clean open to the bone. He has just recently messed up his tail bone again during at ride at Duncan. Brian tore his leg all up at Cottonwood missed the pick up man and slammed it into the fence, its not been the same since everytime he thinks he is ready to go something comes up… He broke the Fibula I think is what he said. Now on to some good news, last year Colby shattered his ankle and had to have pins and screws put in it. He was laid off basically all year, but what a difference a year makes, he is now leading the standings in the saddle bronc riding for the GCPRA and seems to be riding tougher and tougher when I see him ride. The good news is we are all qualified for the finals this year even missing as much time as we have all year. Our focus is finishing 2010 out strong and starting 2011 out with a bang. The Finals this year are up in cottonwood next to Sedona so it should be good time. I think we go up and enjoy the atmosphere and hanging out together again. We will all be pulling for colby to win the year end in the bronc riding. Its good to see at least we stay competitive enough that if one of us is down and out the other ones keep on chugging along. I hope to see you all in cottonwood next month and look forward to seeing you down the road. Don’t forget to e-mail us wih questions or looking to sponsor us for the finals or next years rodeos. Until next time kick a spur lose and keep it in the mane line.

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