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okay so i know it is late but what better way for jason to do something else than talk to me hell i dont talk to anyone all day at work but i get to think about something stupid so bare with me and sorry about all this pirod right spelling stuff and well you get it computure stuff. What is the date well i know that it is the end of the week of driven circles at work in my truck and i have told j that i would come by like 4 or 5 times this week and ended up tits up in bed well i fucked up yestureday and stoped over while my older brother jesse was here for a while they say that it is never to late for school and j was tryin to set up a poposal the right way i guess like i said you can go to school whenever but i gave up on that a long time ago lol anyhow j was teaching and we well i waas tryin to lisen and jesse was like a 2 year old and had to be the head of class and it just tot me how to drink better. Now the class is a hell of alot quiter and more room lol gumbe is sick tonight and it is just me and j and probable more beer than we need but anyhow we all need a smart one it the bunch right and that is why this computer is not going to be worth a shit when i get done chicken pecking at it(that means i suck at typing and my middle fingers are going to be sore by the end of the night) Okay JT is writting this post right now, so have a good read and enjoy. Were just hanging out and having fun. Having a few beers and we are amazed at the followers we have for our website so a big thank you to all of you out there right now. Now I’m turning the keyboard back over to JT… here we go…after the backspace button cools off. ya hold on and let me put my hellment on. well this is a frist for me and i guess i could talk all night but if i was reading this thing well i wouldnt be i always want pictures but it never fails when the good shit happens the fram catcher is in the truck or outta batteries so again bare with me well i have been doing a little of everything from cowboyin to drivin a truck and let me tell you i dont know what one hurts my ass more cause a good buddy of ours (Garrett) is the lovely equitipment operator and loves throwin use around a little bit with big big rocks. or get woke up at the ass crack of dawn by john wayne himself (Cartter Williams) and stay ahorse back for 11 hours unless you find your own shadtree when he sends you off on your little circle by yourself just make sure you did not bring a trailer load full of jesses broncs but i guess it is all money in the bank right. I think JT needs to write more post for us they seem to be better reading than mine. Right now he is busy so I have the controls while he is off doing his thing. We have been busy feeding stock, rodeo’n and well anything else that could get us into trouble. Colby is heading to Wilcox tomorrow and that is were I’m entered up at as well. Maybe I will make and maybe not. Its been a long year for us and I think we are just ready to have some fun. It wouldn’t be the wildbunch if we were not having fun. Wild horses, Wild women and Wild times…. So here we are. Hang tuff and I will see if JT wants to type anymore tonight.. Here is JT- with the controls- hang on and take deep seat and get that far away look in your eye cause its like a stick of dynomite under ya —–to bad the rest of the bang is not here if you get that martieau is missing and we are about ready to post pictures and call in the dogs. hell we all need a bite in the ass to get rollin agin it seem work and reality is running the show instead of the 232 crew just stop and think for a sec ,or just try to think what we do. A 40 hour a week job and no cowboy life kinda stuff that you are used to Or hang out all week doing what you love and was born to do and get ready for, or what we call work RODEO it makes more since to me to work for 8 seconds and get paid more than i do fuckin at somewhere i dont really want to be WORK and get paid more for it and become someone to look up to for those up and coming it makes me feel a hell of alot bigger and better about who and what i am when that younger guy cant wait to shake you hand and get to be aroud a champion it makes no pay check big enough… I’m back and all I got to say is lets get to the next rodeo soon – spur high and buck up cause the money is in the first place ride tonight.

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