End of September

Our run for September has now officially finished up. We finished it off at Duncan last weekend, now we get a week off and will be heading to Wilcox and Benson for October. Just re-cap September for us. Labor day weekend we started out in Sierra Vista (forh Hauchuca) and Sonoita. We were sore when we finshed up, not being on good horses like that for awhile really got us sored up. Sierra Vista, JT finished fourth on Saturday, had a good ride and a duck diving hard to ride horse. They got me at the gate, dropped a flag a for missing my horse out. I actually felt like I should of gotten a free roll, but the judges make the call not us. Sunday didn’t go very well for us at all. We both ended up picking up more dirt than any thing. Scott did bring the buckers for us to get on Sunday. We camped the whole weekend in Sonoita, it was fun a relaxing. I rode Monday in Sonoita and picked up more dirt to take home. After that weekend, we headed up to Prescott, it turned out good for JT he finished 2nd and picked himself up a nice check. Made a solid ride on a good horse. I had a horse I have clamoring about that I wanted to get on, well I stuck my foot in my mouth cause I think the horse was hoping it would draw me up and show me just what it feels like to be planted in squarely in the arena dirt. The horse was Riddler of /M Rodeo company Scott Mcdaniels, the horse was horse of the year two years in a row in the GCPRA, I have seen a lot of guys buck off and few really outstanding rides on that horse. Duncan proved to be really good for me, I ended up winning it with a 78 point ride on Lone Wolf, JT had the match up of the night on Bad Check, it started really good but his hand just blew out of there. After we finished up in Duncan JT headed out with Carter to ranch to gather some wild cows, he said it was a blast and got to ride through some pretty country. I talked to both him and Carter tonight, they are hanging out at Ricks Tavern I think, I guess they have some good steaks there. He is heading up after he eats. Jesse (broken /P) is taking a 8 bulls down to douglas for the college rodeo. He sounded pretty excited about getting a chance to work with Scott a little. I will be spending the weekend at baseball with my youngest for his club team. They have a game this saturday morning. Then I think I going to just get some work done around the house and relax a little take care of few things that I have been neglecting. Hope to see all of ya in Wilcox and Benson, until then spur up.

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