Heading to Prescott

Well we are all getting ready for the rough stock explosion tomorrow night in Prescott. JT went on a trail ride today over South Mountain in Phoenix, he said it was a good time. I have been busy doing some work around the house and starting to get things around to head up to Prescott tomorrow. From the sounds of it there is going to be some great horses waiting for us up there. Were pretty excited to get last weekends run out of our minds and get on with the next one. With the cool weather up there and getting to hang out in Prescott it sure will be nice to get out of the valley this weekend. I will update everyone when we get back so check in. From our website stats we have picked up a good following. I would like to thank everyone for checking in and reading what we have been up to. We will be blowing last years hits out of the water. Thats exciting for us. So thank you to all of you checking in and reading up on us. We really appreciate it. Until next time keep your chin tucked and let the good times roll.

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