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Well we have officailly wrapped up the labor day run. Were to start, yeah it was a pretty crazy weekend. Lets start with Friday night, if you have been following us you know that JT purchased a old winnebago for us to rodeo in. Well, the tires were rotted out so a easy fix right just get new tires, well they are a 16.5 inch tire on duals that are very hard to find. So we figured hey if we could just find some rims and tires at 16 or 17 were good to go. Well with the older dually’s they have a little stub that comes out, we grinded that off, got the tires on that we took off a truck from a friend that fit. Well kinda, not really but we made them fit. As we got farther and farther into it we found all kinds of odd and ends stuff that needed tightening or fixed. Finally after playing dicount tire guys we were ready to head to the gas station to fill up. As we drove down with smiles and just thinking how cool this thing was. Pulled up to the pump, slid the card and started pumping. Thats when we noticed the little leak, no biggie we just tightened the hose clamp. I finished pumping gas JT ran inside to get a soda. I started noticing a real strong gas smell, as I was looking around here came JT around the pumps and was crouching down as he was heading to me. As soon as I seen his eyes, I knew it was bad, I hung the pump up and we both started crawling under the motor home and found two not so little leaks in the tank. As gas was leaking onto the ground we both jumped up, grab tools he got the passenger side leak, I grabbed the driver side leak. His was the sensor for the gas gage that was not tightened up when who ever rebuilt the engine and did the work didn’t put it on tight. Mine was a mix of hose clamps and hoses all tucked inside each other. The funny thing is the gas line into the tank is half way up, so there is no way you can fill the tank up further than half way. After we got the leaks done we just figured well I guess you can’t fill it up there might be reason for only being able to fill it half way. We drove it home and as we were at my drive way it died on us. We ran through the spark plugs they all were just finger tight and few other things were two. After we got all that tightened we got it running again and pulled into the driveway for packing up. Yeah a person would of thought we were heading out of town for a month with all the stuff we put in the motor home and did I mention we thought I should take my truck just incase something would happen. JT left about 1 am to head to Fort hauchuca for the first day I slept in and headed out around 9 am.
I guess I better get to the rodeo part of things. We rolled into the fort paid our fees and found out our draws for the day. We both drew at the bottom of the pen. I had a ok horse jumped, duck, dive around to the right. I finished out of the money. JT had a jump kick, dive and duck all the way across the pen for the last hole in the money that day. Sunday found both of us out of the money and shaking dirt out of our ears. The rodeo was cool and they did a great job of putting on a show. It seemed the troops really enjoyed the rodeo. We got a lot of thank yous and were able to visit with a few them. Sunday morning as we woke up and started breakfest for everyone, I heard a loud bang. It seemed that some ones horse trailor with a living quarters had blown up. They all surived the blast with some major burns and there little dog. I guess they had a propane leak and lit a candle or something like that, not for sure. But it blew the trailor completely up. After riding sunday we headed back to Sonoita were we had set up camp to make dinner and go to the dance. It was a blast. Made hamburgers right off the BBQ pit we made, had a few drinks and made it to the dance for some fun. Afterwards we sat around the camp fire eating beans and hot dogs. Say the least we all didn’t feel the best the next day, but on with the show. JT headed home and I got on my last one for the weekend. It was a great pen of bucking horses. They all bucked I got a rank a elminator that dropped me off right before the buzzer. It was one of those things even though I didn’t make a qualified ride I felt like I went after that horse with all I had. I stubbed my toe one jump and he made me pay for it. The horse gave me every opportunity to win the rodeo on it. I just wasn’t able to take care of business on my end. But now we got our first ones back under our belt we are excited about going after them this weekend in Prescott for the Rough Stock Explosion they are having. It should be good, some really good bucking horses will be waiting for us up there, so were looking forward to it. Good added money and chance to get out the hot heat here in the valley for another day. After Prescott we will be heading to Holbrook and Duncan. Looking forward to just keep going all fall. Tonight me and JT watched our rides back on video and we could see we were just a little behind and miss firing here and there during our rides. I guess that comes with not being able to go all summer. But as we watched each ride you could see it was coming back to us quick. I think this weekend we should be good to go and give them a run for the money. Its all about heart and try. Rodeo is something the more you put into it the more you get out of it. If you have any questions at all please feel free to e-mail us at anytime at It just feels good to be back doing what we love to do and thats ride bucking horses one rodeo at a time. Well until next time keep your spur rowls in the mane line.

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