Labor Day Weekend Run

Well just got done getting somethings around for the weekend. Finding all the camping stuff, tents, stove, pots, pans and etc… Pretty excited, we will be camping at the rodeo grounds all weekend in Sonoita, competing at Sierra Vista for two days for the troops and then Monday at Sonoita. As I said earlier in one of my blogs its always a honor to compete in rodeo that is honoring our troops to allow us to live free. We will camp out at the Sonoita Rodeo grounds for two days. It looks like it should be a good weekend of fun and good bucking horses. JT has been working hard on getting the motor home set up. We finished the bunk beds earlier this week and now are trying to get tires for it lined out. Its a odd size tire on the dually’s its a 16.5 tire so if you have any please e-mail us. Its looks like we got a good lead that we will go look at tomorrow for it. Last night we both got on a practice horse down at Jesse Petigrews place, then did the feeding for him since he let us use his place to get on and lets our little practice horse stay there to be taken care of. We both rode good and are excited about this weekend. Looking forward to getting on some good horses that Scott will be bringing us, all of them should be buckers. Scott does a great job of making sure he has horses that we like to get on, that buck and are fun to ride. After this weekend is Prescott Rough Stock Shoot Out we will be going to, then Duncan, Benson, Wilcox and Wickenberg rough stock rodeo series that Scott got started for the winter months. Were pretty pumped to get going again. looking forward to just ridng bucking horses again and enjoying life like every cowboy likes to. The Grand Canyon Finals will be coming up soon so were excited about working our way in the standings again. Usually we finish first and second in the Bareback riding but this year due to injuries and other things we are way down in the standings. So I know we all will be busting our humps to get a shot to win it all again. I think we are just ready to get going again and playing cowboy. We have been working some colts for Jess and other people, it just makes a guy want to go that much more when something under you decides to buck with you. But for now its getting everything packed for the weekend and getting on the road again. I will update you with how it goes for us by twitter or on our website next week. Hopefully its all good news and we come home with a little money in our pockets. Until next time kick a spur lose and let the good times roll.

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