Riding Pasture

Another weekend come and gone, we spent the most part of Saturday riding a pasture that our good friend is looking at turning some bulls out. Jess asked JT and me to ride it and pull out all of the wire and crap the cows might get into. It took us about 2 hours to ride a 40 acre peice that includes saddle and unsaddle and grabbing all the garabage left behind from who knows who. It was a good, I rode a flea bit grey that hasn’t been rode in awhile he was kinda goofy but soon got his footing and was good to go. JT rode a colt he has been working for awhile he handled it really well, we had them in a good sweat after chancing some cows and running down the middle of the pasture. But we think it will be good for Jesse to turn his bulls out on, we plan to go back in and bank up a wash to make a dam for water to settle. We will also be hauling out some water troughs as well to put in for water, if you know how hot it was on Saturday well you know how much we sweated to get the everything rode. We would be amazed what you can find out there south of Casa Grande in the middle of know were, found a jug we were thinking it was full of gas or something but when I threw it over the fence it was old oil when it exploded. Lots of home made fire pits, i guess homeless and illegal aliens came in and made home for a night. It was kinda errie seeing all that and knowing it was made by someone who was just wanting to stay warm for the night. After that we helped a young kid who is about 10 years old get on some practice calves. He is ranked in nationally for his age group. He got on about 5 head and did really good his last ride was the best for the day. After that we feed and headed home. Let me remind you feeding is no easy task around there with about a 100 head of animals on the place. I got home had few cold ones and went fast to sleep. JT headed home after helping me with rounding up some kids. Basially finished some odd and end stuff on Sunday and now getting ready to fall fast asleep here soon. Good news is we are only a two weeks away from the labor day run. We are excited to go get on some Scott Mcdaniels horses and Cody Resors for the weekend. It should be a good run for us. Sierra Vista and Sonoita so were pretty pumped up to get back out there. Colby was up at Payson this weekend, he first one was a alright ride but out of the money, then he got on couple of re-rides that did not go well for him. But he seemed to have done his part. The motor home is almost road ready and we are excited. Brian just like myself is ready to come off the injury list and start riding to, he plans to be with us Labor Day weekend as well. Its about time were all together again, it seems like a long summer. First we all start getting injured then run out of funds and now were all ready to roll. So let the good times roll, we will be kicking a spur lose on labor day weekend. Well until next time keep your mind in the middle get that far away look and hold tight for 8. Live to ride.

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