Preparing for the fall run

We have been hard at it working out. Trying to get ready for the fall run, we will start things off with Sierra Vista, then 2 days at Sonoita. Work Duncan and Holbrook the same weekend. Head to California for a run starting off with Kingman, AZ. That should wrap our September, its been a long year for us, but now we all finally feel good and are ready to roll. So were pretty excited about getting back in the groove. We will finish off our 2nd week of working out tomorrow by getting a few practice horses down at Slash P. Then afterwards probably ride out some colts again for Jesse for letting us use his arena. We are now working hard into getting into rodeo shape, which is way different than just getting into shape. Being able to concentrate in the heat, deal with elements and most of all deal with a wild horse. Its all mental, rodeo is a big mental game, once a guy can get through that things just seem to pop.
Sonoita and Sierra Vista are always fun rodeos your getting on good stock and the atmosphere is just exciting. It feels a little like back in the old days when guys would hit a two or three and stay in one place. You get to hang out and camp at the rodeo grounds. You go from BBQ to BBQ all nite long and from bon fire to bon fire. Its a blast, everyone gets to relax a little in the cool southern AZ weather. Its a good time – you will see miles and miles of horse trailors and trucks, they draw probably 1100 contestants for the weekend. With slack and the junior rodeo and then the big rodeo, being able to compete on a two go around formate it just brings the fun out in everyone. Looking forward to it. Sierra Vista is a rough stock rodeo for the troops at Fort Hauchuca. Last year it was a blast the stock was amazing and the troops really appreciated it. They had a saddle race last year that they all competed in and it was good watching. If you have everyone ran in deep sand you know what a work out that is, but then add the wait of saddle for the troops to carry. Yeah its good watching, those guys are in amazing shape and doing it in full fatigues is even more amazing. Any time we get a chance to ride of the troops its a honor for us. Knowing what they sacrafice on a daily basis it makes us try that much harder for them. Well until next time keep your mind in the middle and toes out.

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