Hot Weekend

We didn’t go to any rodeo’s this last weekend, instead me and JT went down Broken Slash P Bucking bulls to draw blood on the cows to send in to see which ones were preganent or not. Jesse has a good little breeding program going. After we did that we helped out in cleaning water troughs and then rode some colts for Jess that he has been working. It was nice to take a hour ride out into the desert, but man it did get hot as the day went on. We were done drawing blood around 10 am after starting at 6 am. Cleaned the water troughs then took the colts for ride. When we got back a few guys came out to see if they could get on some practice bulls. So we loaded a pen of practice bulls up for them. JT fought I played flank man and helped pull gates, the guys rode pretty good, they both got on two a piece. Once we got done with that we moved everything back to there pens and made sure they had water. As we headed home I told J that I wanted to go across the street to talk to my neighbor about getting a couple of sheep from him to eat down the weeds in our RV area at the house. While we were over there we were looking at his horses, one of them was walking real sore footed, we took a look for him. She was walking on the sole of her front feet which was soring her feet up real bad. JT took off all the access foot reshaped the shoe and got her fixed up. She is walking a lot better and not so gingerly around the pen. He was thankful that we did it he paid us for doing it, even though we just wanted to help him out not looking for any money at all. I walked over and looked at her yesterday and she was moving around a lot better. Last night we worked on the new rodeo rig getting a bunk bed frame put in so we all would have a place to sleep when going down the road. Were all pretty excited about it cause we see our motel room expenses going down. We are looking forward to Sonoita and Sierra Vista over labor day weekend and excited about getting back on the road for the fall rodeo runs. Well until next time keep you chin tucked and let the good times roll.

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