Durango Run

It was a wild end to last week, first things first. Colby went 82 pts on his re-ride to win Durango, Co. got to come home with his pockets full of money. He had a great ride to clinch it up.
Early Friday morning, JT went out four wheeling in his little rock climber he has built. Its a really neat little truck to go through washes and places a normal 4 Wheel drive would not be able to go. Well with all that said he decided to go for a run in the mud Thursday night. They four wheeled all night long well until the early morning hours of Friday. As he was going up a wash, his rock climber stalled out on him. He decided to get out and see what the problem was. Well it you live Arizona you know a wash is always a bad place to get cought especially during monson season. As he was working the climber he looked up and a wall of water was breathing down on him. It pushed his rock climber up the wash and totaled it out for him. Well being out in the middle no where did not help the cause as well, he had to be helicoptered out the next afternoon. To say the least it was a exciting and expensive way to go. With that being said he ended up trying to figure out all weekend how to get the rock climber out of the wash which caused him to miss Durango.
Me and Brian are still nursing some injuries, but I will be ready to go by Sonoita labor day weekend. Thats my goal to be back and ready to go. Brian said his leg is finally starting to feel 90% and said he is craving to get going. He is shooting for Sonoita as well to return back to action.
But Colby has been trucking along, making some good rides this July and picking up some checks. He is also been having a little fun. On a dare he stole a friends golf cart at Durango and took off with it. I guess everyone spent a while looking for it until he showed back up wth it.
He says he was out signing autographs, but I have a feeling he was actually golfing the whole time. He is a scratch golfer. Were all proud of him for putting together a winning ride up there. Its always good news when your stuck home and can’t go to hear your buddies picking up checks out on the rodeo trail. Were all looking forward to getting the new rodeo rig done up and heading it south to Sonoita, Sierra Vista and the rest of the September month of rodeo. Its been a long time since we were all together going down the road and winning some money. Well until next time keep your mind in the middle and kick a rowl lose.

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