Hot August

Were rolling into the end of July, if you have been following us things have been a slow for us this year we all have been bit pretty hard with injuries, but everyone is starting to come around to start feeling like there old selves. Colby and JT are up in Durango this weekend, which is a fun, fun rodeo. Its always nice this time of year to get out of AZ and into the cool Colorado air. After that we have Payson, there is few rodeo’s in Aug were looking at, but were all mostly focused on Labor day weekend coming up. Two in Sonoita and then over to Sierra Vista. Then Duncan, Holbrook and it looks like a quick run into CA at the end of September. So things are starting to turn around for us and were all excited to just finally get going. We have some practices horses we have been using to get back in shape and I think by the end of Aug we will be ready to roll again. This is the lowest any of us have been in the GCPRA Standings and not one of us in the Circuit Standings. It will be fun to come from behind and make a run at it. So we will be focused on getting up in the standings again. We have new a rodeo rig and starting to get some money in our pockets so we can get going. Well until next time kick a spur loose and let it roll.

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