Working weekend

We spend pretty much all this last weekend at Broken Slash P bucking bulls. We had some bucking horses we wanted to try out and see how they bucked. But before we could get to that we had to haul in some Gin Trash from cotton to feed out to the yearlings and cows. With it being as hot as it was last weekend it made it a really sticky job, but we got it done and feed out to everything. We then drove over to Stanfield to look at some cattle that we were going to round up and truck north, but that go put on hold due to the heat and Jesse working cattle deals. Colby and I sat on the bed of the truck drinking cold water like it was going out of style. JT worked with Jesse in working something out for getting the cattle off the desert pasture. Eventually we got to doing what we sat out to do and that was buck some horses. JT and Colby got on and got some good practice before they head up to Durango this weekend. We have four more that we are going to buck hopefully Wednesday night. JT already dummy bucked them a few weeks ago and we going to be the first riders to get on em this week. We think a couple of them have some potential to be really good horses were all pretty excited about it. Jess has done good since being shot a few months ago, he is limping by each day but is working towards being the saddle again. He has some really good young yearling bulls that should turn out to be something special for him. The trick is keeping them alive in this heat. Man its been hot and if you live in Arizona you know what I mean. Getting a little cool weather to roll in. Some more good news is we bought a new rodeo rig a Winnabago we are pretty excited about it. We have big plans to re-do the inside and get some graphics on it for the Arizona Wild Bunch I will update you as we get closer to using it for the first rodeo. I know were all excited about jumping in this fall and going on some good rodeo trips. The money we save hotels will be well worth it. We will have a place to shower, sleep and eat at all times so its gotta work out in the long run for us. I will get a picture up as soon as we get it decked out. Well until next time keep it in the main line.

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