Trying to get going

Well just relaxing at home again, talked to Colby for a little while today, he has some good rodeo’s coming up he is trying to get to. Jt is still on the heal with his hand, he tore it up pretty good. We haven’t seen or heard much from Brian, I know he is working hard. I think were all ready to get back to just traveling and enjoying life again. Its just been one of those years for us, everything we tried didn’t pan out so hot for us. So were all working hard on getting things screwed down tight to work our way back to the top and at least finish the year on a high note. That to me that means a lot being able to roll into next year feeling good. Thats starting to be our focus. Get to what we can the rest of summer and fall.
Speaking of fall sure will be glad when the cooler months hit Arizona. Its been hot as all get out down here. Haven’t seen any rain either. Could use it, cuz just like the song says rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey well then everything feels a little better for awhile… You get what I’m saying.
I was talking to a buddy the other day, he was like man they should do a reality show on you guys. Even when your not rodeo’n your lifes are wild. I told him yeah it would be a hoot to see if were really that cool or if we are just trying to be cool. Either way I thought hell, they make one for everyone else, instead of the OC we could call it the QC for Queen Creek.
Went to roller derby the other night it was good watching, those chics are tuff – skate at that speed then just barrel into someone at full speed to knock them down. It was something else to watch, I would do it if they had mens roller derby. That would be something cowboys on skates, that would be funny. But it was pretty cool to watch. I didn’t think it would be all that but they put on a good show. I diffently reccommend it if you are looking for something real different to do. After that had some hot wings at native new yorker and did a little karaoke, yeah I can’t carry a tune in a bucket… Ever notice how you think you sound so good until they hand a microphone to you. Well were looking forwad to getting on some good buckers and get back to doing what we love and thats rodeo. Well if we don’t see ya down the road kick the spur lose and hang tight for 8.

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