This road of life

Well its almost 2 am and i’m sitting here at home alone, yes at home and alone. Life is just so wierd one day your up and the next your down, well it lets say it takes a few months to be down when you are used to being up. Wow this economy is something else, I know everyone is hurting out there due to bills or losing a job or not knowing just how they are going to make it. Here is quick update on us and how things are going. To start the year off we worked with a lady who promised us sponsorships and to get us down the road, so of course we just said hey lets relax a little and see what happens, we went to a few large rodeo’s close to us and did or normal routine. Well nothing came through for us, not a dime for any of us after all the promises and phone calls, got a contract for you but nothing signed. So we were like oh well its a cowboys life pull your boots up and lets make it work like we always do. It hurt us a little just cause we decided hey we can ge to all these rodeo’s we entered not seeing a dime. Not one mind you. Okay well we can still swing it, well we tried, its some our fault due to we should of made sure for the very least we could rodeo, but sometimes you just need that break you look forward to, like everyone else out there. Just that break to bust through the ceiling and be were you wanna be. Well we fell a little short of that, not a little a lot. Just short all the way around just like everyone else in small town USA. Now we have been spending our time rebounding and trying to make good on what we want to go to. Well in the mean time, life keeps going it don’t stand still for anyone, trust me on this, it don’t. Colby out of all of us kept taking care of business and now he is working hard and going to few rodeo’s here and there. He was the only one out of the four of us to go any where. He did ok to, and is still working on going to some more. JT, well he hit it hard with injuries, first at toughest cowboy he broke his tail bone, then once it healed he was promised a contract from our sponsor manager lady, well she fell short… and he was stuck, with no where to go. But in all of it he got things lined up personally, worked hard in spending time with his doughter which is number one in his life. During all of this our good friend Jess Pettigrue(sp) got shot by his neighbor, well if you don’t know Jess he is still rocking life and kicking it. Now he has a battle to in court with his neighbor. Yeah just in case you missed he got shot by a gun by his neighbor. In the leg blew straight threw his left, right above the knee, as a cowboy he just made it through with no problems, he is one tough SOB. Brian, now well we have been looking for him for awhile. He has been just working and well disappeared from sight from us. He has a good girl he is with and is trying to make it right. Good for him, I hope it comes through for him, I hope he gets what he wants and all the trimmings that go with it. he was hurt the most by all the big promises we got that never came through. He entered a lot of rodeo’s with no help, and never saw a dime for his talent. Just empty promises. He got hurt a Cottonwood like I had said in one of my earlier blogs, now he has hung it up until he heals up and figures out how bad he wants to go down the road, he needs a few things to go for him. But I know in the grand plan of life he has a nice place and is with a someone he really wants to be with. He deserves the best just due to the fact that everyone in life needs the best and derserves the best. Well now me, Just one thing for all of us, is you will see us very soon and we will be having fun. Hooping it up and doing what we do best and that is being the Arizona Wild bunch. The way I look at it is its better to have tried and to sit in a rocking chair and talk about all the time you could of, or would of or if you could of just did this or that. Well thats life and we are cowboys, so what do you do, just dust your self off and saddle up again. Get thrown but you still nod your head go for the gold. Some make it and some don’t but if you stop trying thats when your not a cowboy anymore. A cowboy lives by the code of never quit, never stop trying. Its not talent its heart that gets you to the top. No matter what your doing in life if you have the heart and are not scared to sacrifice with all you have then regardless the rewards are huge, at the very least you will sit there in your rocking chair and say hey I gave it all I have. Right or wrong I’m here telling what I tried and what I didn’t pass up on. Well now that I’m done moaning and whinning, kick a spur loss and let the good times roll, enjoy every second of it. God Loves Cowboys thats why he made them trails to follow to get back home, through some of the prettiest country that you can only see on horse back. Live regardless of your passion just live… You only live once.

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