Rodeo time

Its coming up fast, the fourth is almost here. I got a couple of messages from everyone wanting to know which rodeo’s we will be heading to. I had to watch what I entered for June, which now I’m very glad I did, my son made All Stars for Baseball, so I will be wrapped up in that over the next few weeks. Were all pretty excited here about it and looking forward to it. Some of you may be wondering why does that effect what rodeo’s you go to. Its like this they are only young once and get these chances once in awhile. I want him to succeed at it and the good thing about rodeo there is always one some where. I have gotten all kinds of questions where we are going and when we will be up. I know Colby is catching ride with a good friend of ours for some rodeos Dean Daly, JT and I are going to stay close to home but we should be able to hit a bunch between CO, UT and AZ. Brian is going to go on the same run as well it looks like. A buddy of mine from Wyoming called wanted to know if we would be making it there. I told him right now the plan is Cheyenne at the end of July and maybe Rock Springs. But the other side of it is we have to hit our ciruit rodeo’s plus the Grand Canyon Rodeos as well. Those finals mean a lot of to us since they are usually local and give us chance to have the pride of wining rodeos in our state. Its just like any other business a good manager has to look at were they want to be at the end of the year. Nothing more heartbreaking than having a finals just down the road and not qualify. Last few years we all have made a good name for ourselves locally but also are working hard to get a little extra national exposure as well. One good weekend at a finals could just about pay for your year. Well everyone has been hitting the gym hard and looking forward to cowboy christmas just around the corner. Hopefully we will get drawn up the way we want take care of business and win a lot of money. Well until next time keep your mind in the middle and your spur rowls rolling. Ride up.

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