getting things cought up

Just got my irrigation finally going today, trying to soften the dirt a little and keep the dust down before I put the arena up. It also helps keep it a little bit cooler in these hot arizona days. Around 5 pm its you can tell the ground is wet it seems to cool off a little bit faster. We have plans to put in a bucking chute and roping chute right now. It will be good practice to get on a horse once a week to keep the rust from building up. I also will be able to work on my roping a little as well. Pretty excited about it, now its just trying to figure out if I want panels or put in a stationary fence, the panels are nice but expensive but if I decide to change anything all I have to do is pull a pin versus having to dig up post that may or may not be cemented in to the ground. I have a couple of people that said they have some panels they will off load to me so I think I’m going that route for now. Once the buckng chute is up it will be nice to get on a horse to keep the rust off and to keep the confidence up as well. Hopefully it will turn into a place were we can get young guys up and going plus work on our skills at the same time. Looking forward to getting all that done hopefully shortly. The quicker the better in my opinion. Everyone is excited about the fourth being around the corner, I think we are all ready to start hitting it pretty hard through the summer months. We have a lot of ground to make up to reach our goals but I think if we hold to our form and keep focused it will be a fun challenge for us. Well until next time keep a tight grip and your mind in the middle and let it all hang out.

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