cowboy christmas around the corner

With the fourth of July coming up its cowboy christmas with all the rodeo’s that will be going on. Our plans this years run, will start here locally with Prescott, Taylor, Show Low, Springerville then pop up into CO and UT for a few rodeo’s. If we get drawn up right every where we should end up going between no less than 3 if things are really missed up on the draw or up to 9 rodeos with in a week if we can get drawn up every where we want for the performances. Were all just chomping at the bit to get going and be in the truck together again. Colby has plan to try to get into few other rodeos with a couple of other guys. Brian is facing an up hill battle right now, his bronc riding saddle is all torn up, still nursing that messed up leg from May in Cottonwood. But knowing Brian he’ll just bare down and ride no matter what. JT has finally totally nursed that broken tail bone back to full strength. I know he is excited about getting on some horses. I have finally healed up a very sore groin from the winter that I have not been able to get fully healed of. Still battling a tear in my knee but I don’t think it will slow me up at all. Been trying to get my new house set up with the arena and get it going so we have a place to get on and do a little roping as well. With all that said we ready to go finally this year, in the last few years we had done well staying healthy but this year it has hit us hard. Last year Colby was battling a broken leg, he has totally rebounded and he is craving to get on some good horses for some good money. Its starting to get good again for us, this has been a long winter but its over with now and back to the basics. Well until next time keep it in the mane line and let the good times roll.

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