Well the end of May is coming fast, we have been just kicking it with each other. Everyone is either banged up or busy with life right now. I was up in Ramona on Sunday but turned out, looking at what scores placed I should of went. I was thinking it would take a 74 or higher to place, I had a ok horse that I have been 70 on, so it was a difficult decision not to go. I decided not to due to I just moved into a new place and was a little tierd from the move and little tight on cash. JT has been busy working with Jesse on his place, he took bulls over last weekend to Chad Stringfellows ride rank for the cure cancer rodeo. Chad has been battling tough fight with cancer and it was good to see they had the benefit rodeo for him. Colby has been hard at work getting ready for the June to July run and Brian has been doing the same. For the most part we have been just hanging out keep a low profile, its been a long year for us, with injuries and keeping up on everything it has really slowed us down this year. But I have feeling there is a silver linning ahead. Everyone seems ready to get back at it hard. Lots of good rodeo’s coming up in June and July. Santa Fe, Gallup, Prescott, Taylor, Springerville, Show low and few in UT and CO that we are looking at. Hopefully we can get our act together to get going down the road. I think once we are all in the same truck again we will feed off each other and get a little bit more excited about hitting it harder this year regardless of what we have drawn up. Until next time let the good times roll with each buck life gives you.

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