We are half way through May so I thought I would get everyone cought up on whats been going on with us. Since we last talked we had Cottonwood coming up, it proved to be a good little rodeo. We had lots of fun hanging out up in the cool weather. It was a little bit more than just cool, it was pretty cold for us from down here in the valley. The first night went good, I had a horse I had won Duncan on last year so I was pretty excited about drawing the horse again. She had an ok trip but we only ended up in third place. JT had a horse that he has been on twice was 2nd on the horse at Duncan and won Benson on the horse last fall. It proved to be a good match up for him he ended up winning the whole shooting match. Brian had received a re-ride in the bronc riding, he took it and ended up placing third as well. But the bad thing was at the end of the ride the horse ducked off at the fence and he hung a stirrup for a split second slammed his right shin into the fence railing. Split it open pretty good, he has been laid up since then. He thinks he may have sprained his knee a little bit to as well. He should be ready to go by mid June he figures. The only thing was the arena lighting at Cottonwood I think all the dark spots kinda threw the horses off there game a little. The second night was real good for JT, I ran my mouth about a horse I have been wanting to draw from Scott’s pen and learned my lesson again. The horse is a good one to draw but I messed her up, spurred over her neck and ended up in the dirt. JT got on a new horse that Scott picked up and I think she is gonna be a good one to get on. He walked away with both go around wins. A good friend of ours Trevor placed second that night.

Our next run will be over to Ramona, CA in two weeks, up on May 23rd hopefully we will draw good and be able to take care of business. Then we are off to Abbique, Gallup and Santa Fe, NM. that should roll us right into the fourth of July run. Still are trying to decide on which rodoe’s to go to for the fourth but we will need to make our minds up soon cuz books start to open for them towards the end of May. I think we will be going up into UT, CO, Prescott, AZ and then over to Show Low, Taylor and Springerville. We should be able to pack in 7 to 8 rodeos for the fourth weekend. After that we will spend much of July on the road, looking at some rodeo’s around Chicago, Il., Colorado and CA. We all have decided that we would not miss Cheyenne this year at the end of July. I’m hoping to work in my hometown rodeo were I grew up in Rock Springs during that week as well. We got a lot of mapping out to do. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will be picking up some practices horses to ride and some colts to ride as well.

I will update on how Romana, CA goes and until next time keep your chin tucked, mind in the middle and let the spur rowls roll for a big score.

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