Spring run –

Well we just got back from Globe and are heading out to Cottonwood this weekend. It should be a great rodeo this weekend, Scott Mcdaniels has the stock and he has a bunch of new horse that just plain buck. We are pretty excited. Globe was good, I got on my first horse that got marked 24 pts, just dusted me around 7 seconds for big score. What a good son of gun, name of the horse was Dark Alley, man did she get it on, buck and blow and duck, just a good horse all the way around. Colby had a cool horse drawn up Neon Lights, he was making a great a ride and blew a stirrup right at 7 seconds it cost him a big a check, still got the horse rode with one stirrup but blowing one is a disqualifcation. The horse was a cool little blue roan horse that got it on, he would of had a big score, never missed a jump with him well until he blew the stirrup. It was nice to get back around all the guys after being away for so long, we hung out well past when the rodeo ended just talking to everyone. Got visit with Carter the pick up man and the stock contractor. It was good to be back in the saddle again. We will be going to Cottowood (Sedona) then Payson, have a nice run in CA that we are looking at, then Clovis, NM and Silver City, NM bunch of good rodeo’s coming up to start off the summer. Were all pretty excited about it, have a few sponsors lined up to get us through the summer and looking forward to winning some big bucks. Until next time take a deep seat, get that far away look and let the good times roll. Oh yeah, Brian was in Seguin TX for a gold tournament finished 5th, he said it was a blast but I think over the last few years this was there lowest finish in the tournament. He will be at CottonWood as well. Man they are really rolling it out up there for us, sounds like it will be a great rodeo with lots of family entertainment. Spur up and we will talk to you down the road.

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