Its starting to get Warm

Sorry for waiting so long to keep you posted on whats been happening this spring. Its been a slow moving spring for us this year. It seems were all chomping at the bit to go but are taking care of other things for the next few weeks. Brian is winning Cave Creek after today’s afternoon perf in the Bronc riding. He said he had a out of line eliminating son of a gun. He is getting ready to head out here in a few weeks for his golf tournament in Texas he competes in every year. If you have been following us you would know Brian is a scratch Golfer. Colby is not to bad him self, but I guess when all you do is shoe horses all morning and have all afternoon to spend at the golf course you should be a scratch golfer. Speaking of Colby he has been busy with work and is getting some money saved up to head to up Canada and hit a bunch of rodeos this summer. JT has been busy helping Broken slash P with there bucking bull breeding program and helping out with the spring calves. He has gotten in a lot of team roping as of late at all the roping in sunny Arizona. My self well I have been in over my head with little league this year. My oldest sons team were on a roll right now and working our way up the standings. My youngest his team is undefeted so far this year. Last year his team won the league so he is thinking of a repeat.
Well enough about all of that, we are getting ready for Country Thunder in a few weeks in Florence, AZ, they are having a rough stock rodeo and asked us to come and ride in it. Then we will be heading to Globe and Cottonwood to close out the month of April. We will start May off with Payson, head to all the circuit rodeos and there are some runs in CA that we have been talking about hitting as well. Everyone seems to have the itch pretty bad to go and it looks like we will be ready to roll hard the rest of the year. I will inform you all how we finish out April. Until then let the good times roll.

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