End of March

With the end of March coming up we all have been pretty quiet over the month. All of us are just working away on getting some money saved for the spring run and right into summer. JT has been busy moving livestock around for slash P bucking bulls, Colby and Brian have been picking up shoeing clients left and right that has been keeping them busy. I have been in over my head with Little League baseball, opening day is this weekend and looking forward to seeing how well my team has come together. Were all looking at Cave Creek, Globe, Norco, and Cottonwood coming up in April. We have a couple of runs in CA that we are looking at trying to see how we can get them fit into the month as well. Were usually pretty slow at the end of March anyways. So I know were all starting to get the fever to get back out on the road and win some good money. We have been approached with some sponsor opportunities as well, so that has been a pretty good deal for us as well. It gives us a shot at going to a few more rodeo’s plus doing some advertising for companies. Its a good way to get a companies name out there. Rodeo people can be very loyale and like to spend money if possible with people that support the sport.
Until next time keep it in the mane line.

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