Relaxing weekend

We are just relaxing this weekend with no rodeo’s on our schedule right now. Everyone seems ready to relax and get ready for the start of the spring run. With talking with everyone looks like we will be trying to hit a bunch of rodeo’s and are looking forward to it. JT is still getting healed up should be ready to roll by the end of March. Brian has been nursing a bad flu bug that he has not been able to drop. Colby has been working away, traveling between Prescott and Cave Creek shoeing horses. I have been over my head with little league baseball. The boys are looking good this year. Pretty excited about the season start. Its a blast coaching but it does come with a lot of responsiblity. I will update you on how our team does, I expect big things.
For the most part everyone has just relaxing and enjoying the down time right now. A few more weeks and we will back at it. Looking forward to getting back together and getting on the road and winning some money. Its been a long winter so far so were all excited about spring. Everyone did alright, just seemed we have all rode good but have not drawn deep enough to compete for first place. But that is how rodeo goes, the draw you gotta make what you can out of each ride. We have done well enough to take lower pen horse and get enough out of them to place. But we have some good rodeo’s coming up that will we have a good chance of drawing some good double rank horses. Its all part of the game. Well until next time keep it in the mane line. Have not heard from the Trailblazers lately looking forward to our match ups with them at each rodeo. It will make it that much more exciting. I need to get Nates information up on our website he is our newest member to the wild bunch. Ride up…

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