Were is Bryan

Well this week proved to have a little adventure in it. But first let me update on last weekends run. Bryan and our newest member to the WildBunch Nate went to Needles and Prescott. Needles proved to be good for Nate he finished second in the bronc riding. Bryan ended up in the cryin hole. For those of you wondering what the cryin hole is, its one hole out of the money. Prescott was a bronc riding match that Scott Mcdaniels put on. Nate finished in the money I think they said 4th, Bryan didn’t fair so well, but in his defense he has been very sick, cought that bad flu bug going around. While we are talking about Bryan he went straight home and has been sick for the last few days. Last time anyone heard from him was Sunday morning. Its now Tuesday, we were all getting a little restless not hearing from him. So a full blown search party went out for him, well okay just us WildBunch. I will admit we were all a little worried we all usually talk at least once day. So when a few days go by with out hearing from one of us, we all start asking hey have you heard from so and so. Anyways we all got a little excited when we hadn’t heard from him. He shoes horses all day long so were kinda worried he may have slid off the road or something driven from one place to another. When we hadn’t heard anything the phone calls started flying, hey go check here, I will go here to see if he is there or not. Well none of us had the common sense to check his house until Colby stepped up and said hey I’m over by his house shoeing a horse. I will go by his place to see if there is some sign of him there or have been there. Well Colby found him, curled up in a blanket on the couch nursing a terrible flu. He said he turned his phone off cuz all he wanted to do was sleep. Mystery solved we all could work for a CSI, well maybe not but hey we solved it. Colby got him soup and called us all to let us know that he tucked Bryan in, kissed him on the forehead and headed out the door to finish shoeing horses for another client. Yeah were pretty sentimental as well, here is your soup get healthy and we will talk to you then. I thought you all might get a kick out that story. Rodeo cowboys can find a arena or a hang out in a strange town they have never been in but can’t find there good buddy in there own neck of the woods. So if you have anyone come up missing do not call us. Well until next time keep it in the mane line.

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