California Run starts

Last weekend in February is over with and now March starts all our CA runs. Last weekend proved to be a decent weekend for us, Brian had the best out of all of us. Winning the first round in AJ and placing 2nd in the Second round. The third round proved to be a test of skill and of the elements. It rained all night Saturday and all day Sunday. As you know rodeo does not have any rain outs or make up rides. So as we headed to the arena last Sunday morning, we knew that it would be wet and cold day. The arena was a like soup with all the water. Luckly someone brought a tarp so we could set our stuff under it and try to keep to dry. It worked out pretty good actually. Brian had a good little brond drawn up that decided it liked to buck in the mud. Lets say Brian went for a swim. Myself I had a good horse I have had a lot of luck on in the past. I could of rode him better but decided to do what ever it took to keep out of the mud. Other words I just hung on for fourth place. As Brian would of say with a little bit more try I could of won first place. But I kept pretty clean and was able to get out the arena with out a wreck or taking a dive in the mud.
Saturday night was Scottsdale, Colby and I both drew up some good horses. Colby had a good little horse of Milo’s called mexican wine that is just straight out a bronc a bucker. He started one great ride, then the horse took it up a notch and Colby gave it everything he could but this time around the horse got the best of him. He would of placed real deep in the money if he could finished what he started. Myself when I showed up my orginal horse was little sore, so protecting the animal athletes they decided to give me the first re-ride option and let the horse get to feeling better before it performs next. I thought I traded up for a better horse which I did but I got over my head a little. The horse I was rewarded really bucked and left me in the arena picking dirt out of my ears. Everything was good for about 6 seconds then the horse cranked it up a few notches and decided it was time for me to get off its back. Just got a little to relaxed in my ride and it cost me.
Now that were all cought up with our rides from this last weekend, I have bit of information that should make this year even a little bit more exciting for us. Another group of guys have started there own little traveling pack to compete against us. They will go by the TrailBlazers name and there a bunch of good guys and we decided to have contest for the year to see who could win the most money. We haven’t quite decided on a what the winner gets yet but we are coming up with idea’s. It should be a lot fun. Were all good friends so it will make even a little bit more fun. Once they give me all there guys names I will let you know. It looks like we will have to bring in another member to our crew as well, cuz there talking about five guys, so we have a guy were good friends with and after this last weekend were going to let him into our group. Stay tuned for all of this cause I’m sure it will make some great stories to share with everyone later. But if my adding is right it looks like we won the first weekend of rodeo’s.
JT is still healing up but is starting to get around a little bit better. He did take a nasty hooking by a bull that bruised him up pretty good. But after watching us this last weekend I could tell he is just itching to get out there and spur one.
Time to go so stay tuned for how things go with the new revival gang out there. It should be fun, I will let you know once they start there own web site as well. Until next time let the good times roll.

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