Hurry up and wait

Its Tuesday night and were all just getting ready for the rodeo weekend. Brian is up all three days in Apache Junction starting this Friday. He is looking forward to spuring one this weekend. He got drawn out of Scottsdale and Tucson, missed his plane ride to Jackson Mississippi last week so I think he is ready to take out some frustrations on a bucker. Apache Junction has a good little rodeo that is three days long, they give out a nice average buckle for winning it. JT is sidelined for a few weeks he busted up his tailbone in the bull riding last weekend in Columbus, OH. you can hear it in his voice he just wants to go so bad right now but the injury has him sidelined for a few weeks. Its a marathon not a sprint when it comes to rodeo so you got to do your best to take care of your self and heal up before the summer months start. Colby is up Saturday night in Scottsdale with me, it looks like we both drew good horses and were pretty excited about getting out there and proven our metal in front of the crowd Sat. night. I’m up only one day this year in Apache Junction, I will head over there Sunday after my ride Saturday night. Looks like both rodeo’s drew very good in contestant entries that is always a good sign. After this weekend we will be heading to Needles, CA, Indio, CA, and Prescott, AZ is supposed to be having a rough stock rodeo put on by Scott Mcdaniels. We haven’t figured out which two or if we will make it to all three that weekend. For the rest of March we have Palm Springs, CA, Buckeye,AZ and Loughlin, NV. all thee good rodeos. Its been a slow start so far this year for us, we have a little bit won between the four of us, but we seem to be just getting by right now. Hopefully this weekend we will spur our way into some big pay days. Well until next time keep it in the mane line.

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