There is always another one

We all finished up with our runs over Valentines weekend. It was a good weekend for us, we rode good just didn’t have enough horse power to get into the money on Saturday.
Our weekend started out meeting early Saturday morning at the chevron off of I 10. We all jumped into one rig and headed south. It was Colby, Brian, myself and another bronc rider by the name of Nate Oetter. Got us a cup of coffee and played phone tag with JT. He was at the airport trying to catch his plane to Columbus Ohio. We finally were able to get a hold of him and wish him luck in Columbus. The drive down to Yuma went quick we had a few laughs and teased Colby for driving like a old man. We hit Yuma with plenty of time to get ready and get loosened up. I had a middle of the pack horse in the Bareback riding made a good ride but fell just outside of the money holes. Brian had a good ride he finished in what we call the cryin hole one hole out of the money. Nate had a new bronc saddle which is always tough for bronc riders, it takes them time to figure out all the little qirks of a new saddle, but he made a nice ride with it. The leathers were still pretty stiff and you could see him get binded up a couple of times. But he rode through it. After that we hung around for a little while then headed to the rig to head back home and get up to head up to Wickenberg. JT was due to ride in Columbus about the time we got back to Phoenix. We gave him a call to see how it went for him. He didn’t have the greatest news on how it went. It was a long night he said. Got up early Valentines day and headed up to Wickenberg, drew a alright horse, Brian had himself a bucker in Bronc riding and that is best news I can give for how Wickenberg went for us.
Brian flies out tomorrow morning and heads to Jackson Miss.. to get on, he has a bucker drawn up tomorrow night. I talked to him earlier and he is pumped up to get to spur one for some big money out there. Our next stop is Scottsdale, AZ were all up next Saturday night Feb 27th. Talked to one of the stock contractors who will have some horses there he said the pen will be loaded with the all buckers, so were all pretty excited about it. After Scottsdale we will be working in Tucson and Apache Junction at the same time so it will be a another busy weekend as we roll into March.
March looks to have a couple of good runs in Texas and CA for us. Looking forward to all of us in the same rig again chasing white lines between rodeo’s. We will be finishing March off with loughlin, NV.
Until next time take a deep seat, get that far away look in your eye and let the good times roll.

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