Rodeo Valentines weekend

Just finished talking to the guys. Were all heading to rodeo’s this weekend. JT had a good showng at Raleigh NC and is heading out to Columbus, OH this weekend for the Toughest Cowboy Rodeo’s. He had a good score in the Bareback riding and a good score in the Bull riding. He is pretty fired up to hang tuff until the end. I know he has been practicing pretty hard for this up coming weekend. I think he is ready to make a big splash.
I will be up in Yuma this Saturday at the PRCA Rodeo and then up in Wickenberg on Sunday. Looking forward to this weekend, real sore still from my horse at Buckeye flipping with me in the chutes, the ribs are real sore, hurts to cough or sneeze. But a little johnson and johnson tape will be used to hold me together.
Brian is also up in Yuma on Saturday and Sunday in Wickenberg, he has a horse that has yet to have a qualified ride on. I have feeling Brian is going to hang it on one for a big score.
Colby is up in Yuma on Saturday as well. He has an elminator horse drawn up, it will take a lot of hustle and try to get him rode. Honeycutt has brought some great horses for us this weekend so were all excited.
After Yuma is Scottsdale and Apache Junction, for us for sure. Brian is up in Jackson MS next Wed and has a good horse drawn up of Stace Smiths. Big money and good horses will be waiting him Jackson MS.
March – so far we are looking at run in TX or going over to CA for couple, plus we have Buckeye, Cave Creek and Loughlin coming up.
Hoping by the end of March we all be able to travel together to a couple, we have pretty much been drawn up different in other rodeo’s so think we are all ready to be together for a good run.
Were all excited about this year there are some really big rodeo’s around the corner that we will be heading to. So keep following and I will try to do better in updating everyone on how we do.

Brian has been busy shoeing horses, JT has been riding colts all winter, I have been working hard and preparing for Little League Baseball with my boys, Colby has been busy helping Brian and getting some contract work. I think were all ready to just get to rodeo’n full time again.
This weekend is pretty special simply cause we get to spend some time rodeo’n with our sweethearts and get extra kisses for riding good. So I think we all give a little extra to get those kisses.
Have a Happy Valentines, and looking forward to spurring one for the love of rodeo this weekend. Until next time keep it in the mane line.

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