Rodeo Fever

Rodeo Fever is starting to set in on everyone. Were a few weeks out from getting things under way. We have gotten drawn out of some of the big ones this winter so that has not helped cravin to get on a bucker. JT has a practice horse that we are going to start getting on regulary starting this weekend. Looks like our first rodeo up will be Rio Rancho for Brian, I think the rest of us well be heading to Buckeye then we have a week off and hit Yuma and Wickenberg, Scottsdale, Tucson and Apache Junction is what we have on our Schedule heading into Feb. There are a couple of good runs in TX this March that we will hit and for sure enter Austin for March as well.
Every time I talk to one of the guys they are working hard to get some money saved up to go hard. JT has a new glove coming in from Shawn Schield, I know he is excited to get on something with it. Colby is healed up and is great shape to go, he has been busting his butt pretty hard of late to be ready to roll. A good friend of ours Trevor Duhon’s dad passed away in La. las week. Cobly drove over with Trevor to help him out as he is going through this. I would like to ask that all you say prayer for Trevor and his family. This is a tough and trying time for him and his family. It came out no where which makes it feel that much worse.
Brian, has been shoeing up a storm as of late, everytime I talk to him he is ready to spur what ever is in front of him. I have been just getting ready trying to get into shape and been dreaming of getting on some buckers. Cody Ressor has our membership rodeo for the GCPRA in Buckeye, it should be good showing for us. Cody has some good horses for us to get on.
I have posted some new photos on the web site from 2009, some action shots and some shoots of us on the road. We did some camping over the fourth and fishing, it was a blast, so if you see some odd ball pictures those are from places as we past by that look cool take picture of. There are some cool behind the scene shots that I think everyone will like as well. I will try to work on putting some captions as well with the photos.
I got say a thank you to Holly she has been working hard on helping getting us down the road. She has put together a few things for us that if we ride the way I know we can will open some doors for us. So were all pretty excited about the possiblities to get to a bunch more rodeo’s. Were shooting for over 80 this year. I will try to do a better job of keeping up with blogging out to everyone as well. I looked at our hits over 2009, I was really surprised to see that we had over 1300 hits to our little web site. I was expecting some where around 300 to 500 max hits. But 1300 is awesome, so thank you to all of you that keep up with us. So that does mean I need to do a better job of updating all you. Until next time, spur one for all you got be it life or a bronc.

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