2009 Great Moments

Here are couple of funny memories on the road from 2009. One of my favorites is our Colorado run last July. We went to Norwood, Montrose and Westcliffe. Sunday night as we rolled out of Westcliffe we had over $3500 in checks between the three of us written out for our winnings. The problem was that there was no where to cash them. So we went through the truck with a fine tooth comb pulled out all our change and money we had on us. Well we were up by Pueblo and had to make it back to Phoenix,AZ, just a little ways off the front porch. We were able to collect all the pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters between the three of us and used it for gas all the way home. Everytime we stopped in to pay for gas we dropped it all in change on the gas station counters, the looks we got for having $60 in change was funny. Of course we used the paper money to buy food and drinks with. Say the least we would take turns in paying in change for gas. Its not that easy to drop $60 in change on the counter for a gas station clerk to count out at a truck stop. A person would think its funny but when your holding up the line and people are wanting to pay for fuel behind you, a guy can start to feel a little embaressed.
Another memory, was over the fourth. When we started out we said that every time we made a great ride you had to do a dance. Yeah, it was funny, in Springerville JT did the worm, I did some type of robot wave throw my back out thing. Brian was just cool as water little wave with a hip thrust… It made for a good lough every time. At the other rodeo’s it came down to if we could remember after the adrenaline rush to do it. But we stilled pulled it off trying to out do each other. You would of had to see them to understand how funny it was.
Last March we went up to Tacoma WA to ride in the toughest cowboy challenger rodeo, we flew up (not a big fan of flying) well when we got off the plane I asked JT if he had made the rental car reservation. He just smiled and said nope. As we walked into the little airport we flew into north of Seattle and Tacoma all I think of was we are a hour a way with plenty of time but no way of getting to the rodeo. JT talked some sweet older lady into giving us a ride, while he was doing that I jumped from rental car counter to rental car counter. Yep they were all sold out of mid size and small cars. As we talked to the guy at hertz he said they had a moving van he would rent out to us… Then the guy at budget came through got us a yellow hummer H2. The only way he would rent it to us if we would be dropping it off at the Seattle/Tacoma airport. Well of course we would, not knowing yet how we were getting home to AZ. Long story short, we rented it,after a lot of negotations on the price. Hey we were doing him a favor and in return he was doing us a favor. So we had to get the best price. Long story short we made in style, yeah we thought we were cruisen in style the only problem was it was snowing so nobdoy saw us riding around due to the fact nobody wanted to stand outside.
Thats just a couple of quick ones, we will share more stories with you later.

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