The finals are over with finally. It was good to have them close to the house this year, we had a lot of fun. The stock was great and there were some good rides made in all the events. JT walked out with the year end Saddle his third in a row, Brian walked out with the year end saddle in the Saddle Bronc riding his 2nd in row. I won my second 6 pack series and Colby being injured all year came out blazing with a 81 pt ride in the second round good enough to finish third in the round. In the bareback riding I finished 4th and 3rd in the rounds, JT picked up to 4th place finishes in a three head average. It was tight riding all the way to the end, I bumped out of the average by 5 pts, I should of taken my re-ride in the second round but opt not to take it. Always ride for first place don’t settle is the lesson learned there. I really have to say thank you to Scott Mcdaniels for bringing some very good stock for us to get and Buster as well. Over all it looked like everyone in the association enjoyed the finals. Had good crowds all three nights.
Right now we all got invited to ride at a team rodeo on December 11 in Pueblo, Co. I will let you know how the teams break out, still need to contact a few guys to see if they are interested in doing in going or not.
I was thinking of getting a little time to rest up but when a rodeo calls you gotta go if you can.
Then we will be getting ready to rest a little bit and get some time off….
Well into next time take deep seat, get that far away look and nod your head its about hustle after that… Ride up

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