We finished up with toughest cowboy last weekend. What a blast, first nite went ok for us JT got in the money and so did Brian in the bronc riding. I did not fair so well Friday nite. Saturday night was outstanding, all of us drawed up on Milo Dewitt horses and they all bucked. I was first out, I had a Powder River, we got along for 77 points, for a long time I was hanging around in the money. Then JT jumped out on North Slope of Milo’s what a horse, it was good watching the horse pulled every trick in the book to get down, but J hung tight and took the fight to her. He ended up with a 86 point ride and won Saturday nights perf. Brian had a bucker in the bronc in the riding, he he started a great ride then set down on his foot and the horse was just to rank to recover from that. All in all I thought we represented Arizona just right with our riding all weekend. It was a good time, got to see some friends I have not seen for awhile. It was all good. After the rodeo we all went out to eat and hung out for a while. Now we are focused on our state finals in Gilbert for the Gilbert Days rodeo. The Bareback riding will be a three head average and we are giving out some really nice buckles this year for the average winner. Buster and Scott have the stock so everything will buck and buck hard. Should be good. After the finals we get some rest, I need to heal up a very sore shoulder that I have been riding with since Labor Day weekend. In fact I have ice and the tens unit on it right now as I type this blog.
Were already planning our next year runs for 2010, we want to get to more rodeo’s and do a little extra traveling. Were working hard on a sponsor to help out a little. With Entry fees and travel expenses it can add up real quick. If your interested please come out to the rodeo in Gilbert we will be all three days.
We would love to start the year off in Denver, we would wear anything our sponsor wants us to within reason on our shirts and chaps and anything else… Hopefully we can land a good one that would like us to represent them across the country while we chase down our dreams. I really think with the way were going that we can compete with the best in world.
Well this is getting long sorry for that, I hope to see you all out in Gilbert next weekend. Until then spur one in the mane line. JT has the bareback riding wrapped up for the year end saddle, Brian has the year end saddle for the bronc riding wrapped and both me and brian won the six pack series buckles this year. We should finish top two in the bareback riding and win the bronc riding. For three years now me and JT have been first and second in the bareback riding and two years Brian has been first in the bronc riding. Next year we plan to go even harder and hopefully win a few more titles as we go through 2010.
See you all at the finals… May all your travels be safe there and home.

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