We are two days away from the toughest rodeo this weekend in Glendale, AZ at the Jobing.com arena. We are looking forward to it and getting a chance to showcase our skills against some of the best in the world. I know we all have been getting ready in our own way for this weekend. Its pretty exciting, I can’t explain the adreneline rush you get from riding in a arena like that with a packed house. You feel like you can ride a torando through the arena. Looks to be a good line up of contestants that we will be riding against. The stock will be good so that even makes it more exciting, knowing that it will be a riding contest not a drawing contest. We have been talking on the phone like crazy getting each other pumped up for it.
After were done there we have the Grand Canyon Professional Rodeo finals in Gilbert, AZ. It should be another great finals for us, looking forward to it. I don’t know if let you know yet or not, but me and Brian won the 6 pack series buckles this year for our events, Brian and Jt will win the year end saddle this year, so it looks like we have already started to reap some of the rewards from this last year of chasing rodeos. Just a recap we went to rodeo’s in Texas, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Califronia and Utah. In total some were around 45-50 rodeos for us this year. For 2010 we plan on getting to a few more and might be doing a little bit more traveling. So hopefully we can get this blog out to other rodeo fans to read about and keep up on our travels.
This year we will be hosting a Bareback and Saddle Bronc riding school, hopefully get a few more bucking horse riders going for the future of rodeo. I really believe you get out of rodeo what you put into it. You just can’t be afraid of taking advantage of opportunities when they come your way. Thats what seperates everyone no matter what field your in. Our goal with the school is to get a few more riders going, teach some basics hopefully help some of the high school kids to give them a shot at there goals in riding bucking horses and really be positive factor in the next generation of rodeo. Hopefully when the get the chance they will pass along the knowledge at some point as well to younger guys. Thats what rodeo is all about helping each other to be succesful in what they do. The plan is to have the school sometime after the first of the year. We have a couple of locations in mind, but nothing locked up for sure. I will post it once I know when and were for sure. But before the school we have take care of business this weekend and at our finals in few weeks. Until then keep it the mane line.

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