First weekend in long time that were not all loading up for rodeo. Brian is the only one going this weekend, he is up in Salome Sat and Sun in the Bronc riding. Jt went up to snowflake to help out the college kids yesterday and took a little grey horse up that he got for us for a practice horse. He said the horse really fired and looked fun. He said it would be good horse for us to ride in our tennis shoes to really help us with spuring and build up our groins plus it makes your feet just fly, you really have to get a hold with out any spurs. Its a great way to practice makes you really use your feet right, lift on your riggin and do things right. Colby has been busy shoeing horses and getting ready for the finals in a few weeks. But the main thing were all excited about is the toughest cowboy challenger rodeo in Glendale that we will be going to Nov 6 and 7th, it should be a blast. We went to the one in Tacome last March and it was a rush. Horses were all good and the crowd was wild. Its nice to go to something like that in out backyard. So were pretty pumped about it. Make sure you make it and say hello. I’m looking forward to a weekend with nothing but baseball with my boys and relaxing. Sometimes its nice to get a break from heading out every Friday or Saturday morning. Thats it on our front, getting ready for halloween next weekend. I’m sure we will figure something out to do… Got to hold up that Wildbunch name… Until next time spur one or turn one which every trips your trigger.

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