The weekend is almost here, looking forward to weekend of not having to get up early and no over night drives. Great chance to get some much needed rest for all of us and get focused on finishing the fall season out strong. We are a two months out from the finals so its good to get some bumps and buises healed up before he hit it hard it again. Got Wilcox, Duncan and Parker coming up back to back weekends. Then we will finish things off with Salome, Brawley CA and few other rodeo’s going into our finals. We should be craving to spur one by the time the finals rolls around.
JT and I are in a tight race for the six pack series buckle, he has 19 and I have 17 pts, with some good rodeo’s around the corner it could be fun for us riding for it.
We got invited to ride in a team rough stock rodeo, the only problem is that we don’t ride bulls, well consistenantly to compate in one of the team rodeo’s. Its one Bareback rider, one Saddle bronc rider and one Bull rider compete as team and they will take the combined points from each ride the team with the highest points win. I think the first one is in Canyon City, Colorado late October. It should be fun.
Other than everyone has been just chillin, JT has a supped up little toyota that he has been taking out four wheelin, he said its been a blast climbing stuff that shouldn’t be attempted to be climbed. He has pulled out of some hairy situations it sounds like. Brian has been taking advantage of all the snow birds showing starting to show up with there horses to be shoed. He has been busy shoeing which is good news for him. He said it got slow last spring and nice to be picking up all the work. Colby has picked up Trevors clients for shoeing right now while he recovers from a broken leg. So Colby has been very busy trying to keep up while trying to heal up his leg as well. But he said he should be ready to go for the team rodeo series coming up starting in Canyon City, CO..
Until next time get that far away look in your eye, take a deep seat and a loose rein and ride for all you got.

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