Duncan proved to be a good little rodeo for us to run over to. Brian came down after the Holbrook rodeo were he won third place in the bronc riding. He has been pulling away from the rest field with ease lately, been drawing good and riding tuff. Brian can miss every rodeo the rest of the fall and should still end up winning the year championship.
JT won second at Holbrook had a good horse of Scotts drawn and made him look just really nice to ride, Jt has nobody pushing him for the end of the year championship he is so far out in front of everyone, he could miss going to finals and still wind up winning the year end crown. The two of them have went to everyone they could go to and have earned if by riding hard and taking care of business when they had to.
Duncan was good for me as well, I ended up winning it, I felt like I had a good horse and I wanted to make sure I got out of him everything I could. We added a new judge the association, Adam Tanner came on board as judge and I think he did alright for his first rodeo.
Next stop for us will be Benson, Wilcox and Parker all part of the rough stock 6 pack series, we are giving out a very nice buckle to the winner of the series, right now if my calculations are correct Jt has 19 pts and I have 17.5 pts so it will be fun for the two of us chase it down. Since we had to miss Holbrook we can’t afford to miss any other rodeos for the series if we do we will be knocked out of the series. Contestants must compete in 5 of the 6 rodeos we have for the series.
Colby has been still healing up and catching up on bills, he hopes to be ready go here shortly. A good friend of ours broke his leg as well, Trevor Duhon, he had qualified for the Tourquise Circuit Finals and Grand Canyon Finals, he hopes to be healthy enough to compete at the Grand Canyon finals since he will miss the Tourquise finals since they are only a couple of weeks away.
On the trip over to Duncan we ran into Olin Borg who just bought a new car, its 80’s old style cadillac, its a very cool car to rodeo in. Big and has lots of run, it runs good cause we followed him over and I bet he was running at 85 to 90 mph and JT kept right on his tail, I was in the back in the camper with Brian and sleeping and watching a movie and felt like the camper was going to blow right out of the back of the truck with the wind from curising like that but also add in it was a extremely windy outside anyways across the flats heading out to Duncan.
The rodeo was fun, duncan did a good job putting on the rodeo and seemed like everyone did well that I know that was entered up over there.
Until next time, spur up or rope up which ever trips your trigger.

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