Hello – its been awhile since I last blogged about whats been going on. We just finished up our Labor Day run down in Sierra Vista and Soniota AZ. Everyone rode outstanding, I did not have a enough horse the first two days at Sierra Vista, but felt like I rode good and got all I could out of my horses to try and place. JT drew outstanding all weekend and rode outstanding all weekend. He used his horses for everything they gave him. Got on two good ones in Sierra Vista, walked out of there with a little over a grand in his pockets. Brian rode good there as well, made some really nice spur rides on just good horses. I stayed in Tucson for the weekend, visited with family and friends that I have around there. Brian and JT hung out at the rodeo’s keeping everyone in line. Monday at Sonoita we drew good, JT’s had the pick of the pen, the horse did not disappoint until it lost its feet and fell over on him. JT cowboy up and rode him back to his feet to get a re-ride, I had a nice little palamino horse that jumped and kicked, he was good enough to split 4th place money on. Brian had a big bay stud horse that started really good but did not finish as strong it was good enough for him to split 4th there as well. JT got on a good horse for his re-ride and used him to get the second place money out of there. Scott Mcdaniels did a hell of job at Fort hauchuca for the troops for the rodeo. It was a lot of fun and all the horses bucked. They did a military pack race in the heat and sand. Man those guys are tough – there is no way I could run holding the saddle like that across the sand in the heat and do it twice they would be dragging me out by ankles. It was great to ride for the troops and show our respect for what they do for our country. They treated us really well and made us feel honored to put on a show for them. I think everyone had a good time.
Sonoita had a great turn out for contestants and was a great time. There was a lot of money paid out there to the contestants and it looked and sounded like everyone had a good time.
It did rain, I mean rain that weekend but both arena’s ground held up to allow the animals to perform. It was a good time and its a great weekend to relax down there in the high country.
However someone needs to let the Highway Patrol know that not all cowboys drink and drive. I got pulled over for following some one to close. I know they were just fishing for DUI’s but geez can a guy get a break. He nailed me for tailgating, what a crock. I was coming over a hill, some guy in front of me who was driving about 20 miles under the speed limit – no doubt I’m sure he had a few drinks in him, but as I came over the hill guy was just barely moving well of course I’m going to run up on him, a cop was sitting right there and pulled me over. What a joke – good job guys I know the guy in front of me was a little drunk but pull me over… Yeah can’t put one past you guys… I understand your doing a job, but just cause my car is little nicer doesn’t mean I was drinking. I know they were trying to help, but come on guys. Anyways enough about that, can’t get mad at a guy who is just doing his job and in this day and age a job is worth doing no matter what it is.
Well we are heading out to duncan this weekend, and looking forward to getting back on some of Scotts good horses. Until next time, spur up and rope up… Long live cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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