Summer runs are starting to wind down and we start getting into the fall rodeo season. We got back from Texas Sunday night it was a long trip over and back, its really good to be home now. We had a good go at em over there, started out with lots of promise but ended in a fizzle, we did take there money at a couple of them. Silverton was a mud hole it was the last one of the run, the mud was up to the horses knees to say the least they did not perform up there full ablity. But you got to give it to the committee who worked hard all day to try to get the arena into shape to at least have the rodeo. The Calf scramble was funny those poor kids running in mud that was just sucking there shoes off. I think half of them walked out with out there shoes.
We started out in July going to Colorado, then New Mexico, AZ back to Colorado, over into Utah and then Texas. I think we put a lot of miles on the truck this year. Had some close calls with Elk driving late at night and we were able to travel all those miles with out one speeding ticket. I’m not saying we didn’t speed but they got to catch us first. I figured since the start of July our truck pulled in around 10K between the three of us. JT pulled in the most, then Brian and I brought up the end. It was a good summer run for us, lots of fun got to meet so many people, thats what great about rodeo its just one big family if you don’t know someone and you meet them its like meeting that cousin everyone always talks about at the family reunion. Everyone looks out for each other and helps make sure everyone is safe. You always hear as you start to head out travel safe or be safe. I’m glad to get through another summer run not hearing of any bad news for anyone on the road as far as wrecks and things like that.
We got one more run before September, trying to figure out the best way to approach it, four rodeos but we can only make three of them.
I won’t lie its nice to have this weekend off to regroup and let the muscles heal up a little. Its always one of those things were you feel like your riding good but you know the time off is good for your body, especially me. My knees are really starting to feel good again and we have long September and October planned before he head to the finals in November.
On the other side of things, Colby has been really trying to get ready to ride but he ran into another set back. Its actually pretty seriuos, he has a infection on the foot he broke and the infection went into the bone. So please say a prayer for him, he does need it. I talked to him today and he sounded pretty stressed about it. From the sound of things sounds like his cast was on way to tight and rub a hole in his foot were the infection started. From what I gather it can get pretty bad now that its in the bone. He is trying to get in to see specialiest to get it taken care of. He will need your support and prayers, so please if you know him give him a call and lift him up. I told him we will kick holes in em for him. 

We went and watched Steel Magnolia last night, they were awesome to watch in person. It you don’t know who they are their the group that won so you can duet off of CMT. It looks like its just like the rodeo circuit you try so hard to make it and go to so many places, but you have to work your way there. Nothing is handed to us. Don’t worry they will make it big and I’m sure we will be listening to there music heading down the road to another rodeo. They are just like rodeo cowboys traveling all over the country to make a living in hopes of making it big. They need to write more country songs about that, cowboys chasing white lines down the interstate. Get out in some town after being cooped up in the car for 7-12 hours, sleepy, tierd and then draw the bucker in the pen. Thats when you get to show case your skills and live the life of rodeo cowboy. Well until next time take a deep seat, get that far away look in your eye and spur em for 8.

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