Its JT’s Birthday this weekend so I’m pretty sure we will be doing something fun. Looks like we might all get together Friday night and go out to the box canyon in Wickenberg this weekend. It will be fun.
Next week leave for our Texas rodeo run and looking forward to it, counting the days to get on again.
We have been getting thins around as a board for our association for the Finals, They will be at Wild Horse Pass Casino Nov 8-9, Scott Mcdaniels, Buster and Cody Ressor will have the stock there, so we should be able to get everyone mounted on some good ones. We will be taking the best from each stock contractor, so only the cream will rise. Will have to figure out our pick up men see who are contestants vote in. I think it will be close but we have good hands choose from with Carter, Jesse and Rusty out there to choose frm and Milo if he wants to do it as well. Those four are some of the best in the business.
Brian came up the 232 for another alias for us, its stands for the wildbunch,he said the W is the 23 letter in the alphabet and the 2 is the second letter in Alpahbet. I thought it was code or something when first started sayinig it. Brian had a great run a weekend ago, I stayed home with sore knees to heal up, JT went on to Texas to take care of some business over there. Brian went out represented the WildBunch in good form, winning Crown point and placing third at Montecilo, UT… I sure wish I would of gone now, but I needed the rest to heal up. We got a bunch of rodeo’s between now and the end of September, every weekend we should be hitting two or three. Lots of miles and good horse and most of all lots of money to win.
Durango was a fun weekend for us to hang out at with our families at, it was very relaxing, pretty and most of all cool, wish we had a couple more runs up in Colorado.
Next step is we are trying to get Colby going, looks like for sure he will be cracking out at Holbrook Aug or Labor Day weekend. We will be down at Fort Hauchuca, spelling is wrong on that I would bet. Scott has two day rodeo down there that he will be show casing for the military families, nothing better than getting to ride in an event like that to show our troops we support them and give something back to them. They keep us safe and protect our freedoms, freedom to roam the country spurring bucking horse, no better feeling in the world than that.
Looking forward to that weekend, lots of money and buckers to get on.
Well until next time we will catch ya all down the road. Take a deep seat and get that far away look in your eyes cause boys this one is gonna buck!!!! Spur up.

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