Last weekend was the end of our Colorado run for July. Durango was a good rodeo to end July on. We were all up Sunday afternoon and we all drew good horses from Busters Pen. JT had Pack Rat of Busters drawn, the horse is more work then fun. But JT hung a halter off of him and proved to work good. Tight circle to the left and jumped and kicked, had some stutter steps inbetween the big jumps, but J was making a really good ride until right at the buzzer when he popped his bind… Pack Rat is just a handful long and strong while changing leads on every jump. I thought he had him rode and was going to be bunch. I had Shilo a good solid horse, she took a little run with me and then just kinda jumped and kicked off to the left it worked out for splitting 3,4 and 5th hole. I have been on that horse a lot and I have never not placed on him. Brian had a one of the better broncs drawn up Jelly Bean he ended up 3rd, made a really strong solid ride.
It was nice to get up in that cool weather the last couple of weekends and get out of the heat. We did a little sight seeing with our families and got some good pictures. I will get some new pictures of all of us up on the website. We got some good action shots, funny swimming pictures and well just relaxing pictures of us. Colby is just about set to crack back out this August he said his leg is feeling better and I think he will be ready for the Hashknife rodeo at the end of August. Rest of us are going a run through Texas that includes, silverton, perrryton and pampa. Some good money added so its hard not to go.
I’m taking a couple of weeks off to let my knees heal up, cause they are sore. JT is down in Texas doing some work and bullfighting. Brian is heading is heading up to Monticello,UT and Crownpoint, NM. This rest for me is well needed and I’m looking forward to finish healing up then hit it hard to end the year out. Looks like our GCPRA Finals will be at WildHorse Pass Casino in Chandler, AZ which should make it a very fun finals. Me and Brian will have to call all of the cowboys in our events to set the horse pens for the finals here pretty soon. I think we will have some outstanding horses between Buster and Scott Mcdaniels pen. Should be good watching. I will let you go and talk to you all later this week. Until then spur up and keep your mind in the middle.

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