Last weekend proved to be a good run for us. At Norwood me and JT split 3rd and fourth. Brian ended up second. At Montrose I drew a weak horse but got everything I could out of him, finished in the crying hole. JT won third and Brian bucked off at the buzzer for the win. The next day we rolled up to Westcliffe, southwick had the horses and let me tell you they were juice hogs. Everyone one of them were big feather footed buckers. JT drew was 84 on a wild outstanding ride, Brian finished up fourth and drew a the weakest horse in the pen for the bronc riding, and for the first time in three years I missed out a good one to place in the money. It was good to get around a bunch of fresh big horses with nothing on there mind but bucking you off. It was a good run for us we figured a little over 2k went into our truck for the run. Up this weekend is Durango, we leave later tomorrow afternoon and head that way. It looks like we are all taking our families up with us to hang out in the cool Colorado weather. It spoiled me last weekend, got home to over 100 degree weather I thought I was going to melt away. I will update you next week on how this weekend goes, look for our twitter post for quick updates. Durango usually gets pretty western and ends up being a lot of fun. Its great rodeo to relax at and enjoy the weekend. Until then spur up and keep your mind in the middle. Yee Haw.

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