Monday night and just finished entering everything for the next two weeks. We head up to Colorado for Montrose, Westcliffe and Norwood this weekend. The following is Durango, we will just be hanging out there all weekend and enjoying the nice Colorado weather. Sure beats this Arizona heat we are having right now. Luckly JT called me to enter Durango, I thought we still had a few days until entries opened, but he called and said I need to double check, and whoa, yep they were taking entries for it already. Colby still nursing his bad leg and was thinking of going to Durango but sounds like he will hold off for a few more weeks before cracking out. We have a good run coming up in Texas that are all good rodeos that would be the weekend to crack out, lots of money and some good horses to boot.
Last Saturday we all hung out and did a little swimming in the pool to keep cooled off, got some good pictures that we will need to get up on the web site. We decided to throw a football and lead the reciever into the pool to get some pretty funny pictures of everyone trying to catch the ball before they hit the water. It was a lot of fun, plus we all got to keep cool and get the first full body sun burn for the summer… Ouch.
Brian has been shoeing like crazy lately and I think after July he is going to head to Montana to see some family. Jt is been hanging out in Arizona looking to take home his third championship for the GCPRA, he has such a huge lead that he could spend the rest of summer going no where then show for the finals and take home the saddle again. Brian on the other hand is in a run for his money from a good friend of is from Montana Jeb Loney, my money is on Brian. I’m just limping along still nursing a sore knee and not really get deep into the money. Got a nice check for winning Springerville over the fourth, but thats been it really… Not drawn the best either, but a guy can’t complain about that, gotta make due with what you get just like everyone else. But I think things are going to change starting this weekend.
Well I will let you all go until next time spur one in the mane line.

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