Finally home and getting some much needed rest. The Fourth of July run went good, it started out a little rough but finished off good for all of us.
Pagosa Springs was the first, well we drove like mad men trying to get there pulling a goose neck four horse slant trailor, to say they least me and Jt got to see them turn our horses out as we pulled into the rodeo grounds. Brian ended up winning the saddle bronc riding. If your wondering he had plenty of time since the bronc riding is in the middle of the rodeo. Typically we Bareback riders like to there with 45 mins to hour before to tape up, stretch and get our gear around to ride. Well then we went out to dinner after the rodeo, shot a game of pool to relax a little and then loaded up. JT drove to Aztec, NM, Brian drove to Gallup NM and I took the wheel the rest of the way in. Got to St Johns AZ and we were just above the red for the fuel gage. Could not find a gas station with diesel at 3 am in the morning, so I had no choice but to push it on down the road. I tried hard to not look at the gas gage and cruised into show low on fumes. Filled up dropped off the horse and headed to our friends house, they own nancy’s corner in Show Low, good food if your ever in town. Slept until about noon, JT and Brian went and shoed some horses, I had to find a camping spot for my family who were on there way up to see us ride at Show Low. I took the horse trailor to the rodeo grounds dropped it and went looking for a good spot. Well being the fourth of July there was not a whole lot to choose from. Its not like when I grew up when you just headed out somewhere to camp and called it good. Now a days you have to reserve a spot. Crazy, well half of Phoenix must of been up in the white mountains, cause there was nothing available. Finally at Show Low lake I talked to a lady that said to come back after 5 and she may have something. The luck was turning cause when I came back she had a spot, not the best but it would do for a night.
Cought up with JT and Brian at the rodeo in Show Low, I did not do very well, JT turned in a great ride to win the Bareback riding on a good horse of Scott Mcdaniels, it was good watching as he spurred it for all he could. Brian got a re-ride on his first horse, it paid off for him, he ended up splitting second. Should never give that guy two shoots at the money cause he will make them pay. After the rodeo we all were pretty much wore out, I headed to the camp grounds to sleep, Brian and JT went to bed around 11:30. Jt and Brian got up shoed a few horses before the springerville rodeo, I got up and took the kids fishing and set up fishing poles. I then headed back into town to catch a ride with them over to the Springerville rodeo. I drew a really good horse of Scotts the Milo Dewitt owns, it paid off walked out there with the win, Brian finished second in the Bronc riding and JT third in the Bareback riding. Had a cheeseburger and a beer and headed over to Taylor for the night performance there. Wow is all I have to say, the broncs were outstanding. JT finished second in the bareback riding, Brian was third and well I never been bucked off so hard.
At the Taylor rodeo before the bull riding they do a fireworks show, it last about a 1/2 hour or so, so we all gathered around with the kids and watched the fireworks. It was pretty cool.
Then we headed back to camp, cooked a few burgers and fell asleep. Went fishing the next day, JT and Brian went roping. They came over later and we had a us big camp fire dinner. Sat around the camp fire until 3 am telling stories, had my kids rolling and we learned that JT is does not like the dark. It was a fun fourth of July, I hope everyone else had as much fun as we did.
Next up our Colorado run, Norwood, Montrose and Westcliffe, I will update you on how we did, follow our tweets. Until then spur up.

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3X Senior Pro Rodeo Bareback Riding World Champion Professional Rodeo Cowboy
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